Starbucks Monday

Good morning already?? It’s Monday and I think it’s going to be a Starbucks Monday! I try, I really do try not to stop for yummy coffee daily but some days (like today) you just need a good cup of strong  joe!  A few of my friends allow themselves a treat once a week…. maybe i’ll give that out for a try?

Breakfast this morning is a nice bowl of Quaker Golden Maple Oatmeal Squares with 1% milk. These rock! I love to keep extra at work to snack on dry during the day when I have the munchies. Perfect touch of sweetness. While getting ready I’ll have a cup of tea since I know I am gonna have my java kick in a few hours!

It seems to be a patriotic Monday at my house! Red bowl, white mug and blue tea pot!

I guess it’s time to get ready for a long day of work a head of me. Work will hopefully fly by cause I’m stopping at my new favorite store on my way home, Fresh Market! We just finally got our first “healthy/gourmet” chain grocery store and i’m obssessed! Now if they’d just put Trader Joe’s here…. ahh my love for TJ’s will be saved for a whole other post, it deserves it 🙂


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