Lesson in Beer

As I mentioned in my previous post tonight, I had to clean and organize the fridge after work. a) it was getting a bit unorganized for my liking and b) there was something leaking I noticed this morning. I did have some dinasour kale on the bottom shelf that was not so good anymore so I assumed thats what the problem was. Well you do know what they say when you assume something…..

I pull out the kale, hrmm odd, not wet or leaky as expected. I then feel something drip from the shelf above. Maybe one of my zip lock bags with left overs leaked. Nope. Wait…what is that? a peice of glass? Oh no did my Pumking butter jar break?!?! please no! ahh its in one piece. Then I see another piece of glass, and another and oh nooooo did a beer bottle break?!?!?!? ahhhh!!!

Now EVERYTHING is pulled out of the fridge. Some things obviously soaked in beer. Great. I pull out the crisper drawers only to find a ton of brown glass and beer! Well we did have a few bottles of beer on the top shelf in the back where things seem to freeze. But we didn’t expect the beer to, it never has before. Well apparently this brand did, Saranac Summer Brew (ps this is real good and different lager and lemonade in one!) This is what I found.

Hey maybe it was a sign, the fridge did need to be cleaned and now its nice and organized. Oh and the beer has been moved. Lesson learned.


One response to “Lesson in Beer

  1. Oh that is awful! I’ve had kombucha leak in my fridge before…now that was truly terrible!


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