Today WAS Monday, right? Work was so quiet today, it felt like a Friday. I sat back in my pod- otherwise known as a cubicle- and enjoyed the peacefulness. I had no motivation to work. I had nothing super important to do (though lots of stuff I SHOULD have done). 2 out of 4 of us in the set of 4 pods were there today and we were both in our own worlds. We chatted here and there, but I think she could tell I was in la-la land and wanted to be left alone. Often happens when I’m pmsing…..just ask my poor hubby. Nicole = super bitch past 3 days. Bleh.

Today is one of my 6pm days at work so I always make sure to have snacks on hand since dinner is usually later on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Well i’ve learned my lesson. DO NOT keep these yummy little bunnies by the box at your pod or you will eat too many. Note to self- portion them out next time! I’ll just blame pms this time 😉

Lunch was good, but not my first choice. We do need to do some food shopping badly. Last night I was way too lazy to do a Target AND grocery store run so I picked up the basics there, easy enough. For lunch I ended up with Black Bean and Mango Kashi meal. It was surprisingly pretty good. I try not to eat frozen meals unless an emergency and have been trying to stay clear of those Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones. Kashi meals make me feel like i’m make a tad bit better of a choice. This one I never had before and was pleasantly happy.  Along with that I had my first Voskos Greek Yogurt! I was so happy to see Fresh Market carry this brand I really have been wanting to try. I heart greek yogurt alot! Today I had Fig and it was surprisingly awesome! And everything was washed down with some flavored seltzer. Buurp!

After my uneventful day at work, I stopped at Fresh Market! yummm! I mentioned in my previous post how this is our first chain health/gourmet food store. Go figure. I live in the capital of New York with many top colleges in the area and we don’t have a  Whole Foods or a Trader Joe’s! HOW can this be?! Finally a few weeks ago Fresh Market opened. I was so excited I think I went there 4 days in a row!

I love it here and could wander around all night. Though the hour I was there, I knew hubby was at home calculating the $$ I was spending in his head! I was good though, picked up some basics, salad fixings, huge peaches, milk, yogurt and a couple other items. Then made my 20 minute drive home.

Needless to say by the time I got home, it was almost 7:30pm already. I was famished! I had one thing to do before I made our dinner, quick clean up and organize the fridge. I know something had leaked and needing to be cleaned up ASAP……. I’ll go into that in my next post, stay tuned……

Dinner finally! Quick grilled Chili Lime Chicken Burgers from Trader Joe’s. Yes remember I said we don’t have one (closer than 2 hours away) but we make road trips to stock up now and then! I toss it on an Arnold’s whole wheat bun, some cheese and a side of Kale Chips. Voila! But wait, what’s missing???? do you not see something??? We were out of KETCHUP! *gasp*

It’s getting late… the pups (Abby) is bugging me for a walk before bed. I could use a quick stretch. Then back into bed to cuddle with the cutest puppy in the world, oh and hubby of course! and to watch Chelsea Lately since I’m still awake! yay! night 🙂


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