I told you I loved Fresh Market

After work I had to stop for a few items for dinner, all I knew I could get at Fresh Market of course! Just another excuse to go.

I love that place, I really do. I picked up a couple more veggies for my salads and some fruit. For dinner I chose fresh organic broccoli to have with a side of sun-dried tomato and garlic polenta. Which we topped with sauce and some freshly grated parm cheese and a little (too much maybe) on the broccoli! Then a couple little garlic toast rounds found their ways to our plates 🙂  Of the “odd foods” hubby says I like, he really enjoys polenta so it’s a nice different dinner for us now and then.

Yummmmmmo dinner!

While I was at FM tonight I finally gave in. I bought a “create your own custom 6 pack” of beer. This has to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time! No one was over in that corner and it was pretty fully stocked. Plus when I saw Pumpkin Ale, that was it, I was in!

Not sure what else I have in there besides a Pumpkin Ale. I tried to be fair and get a couple lighter beers to share with Brad. He likes lighter beer ….. I like ALL beer!  So tonight will be Pumpkin Ale tasting, reviews to come later!


4 responses to “I told you I loved Fresh Market

  1. Oh myyy…I have been trying to make my way up to Fresh Market, but seeing this has definitely spurred me to move a little quicker now!
    Found your blog through Heather’s email…nice to “meet” you! 🙂

    • Hi Courtney, nice to “meet” you also! Fresh Market is GREAT! It’s on my way home from work, plus my parents live in Latham so I always have an excuse to go 🙂

  2. Nic….what does polenta put you in the mind of? like I wanna try it, but I dont know?????

    • hrmmm I dunno what to compare it to but i’m sure you’ll like it! we fry it in just a little olive oil (or alot when hubby puts too much in thinking its ok!) and then top with some sauce or dip it in. So good.

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