Lost time

Today was one of those days I learned I need to time my mornings better. I was up early enough and did not have to be to work until 10am today. Of all days I was running late, it was today! Started out by playing with the new blog and got all distracted.

Ok enough wasting time, its now COFFEE TIME!  oh and I had my fair choice to go by today. As you see I have a little coffee area apparently. My coffee (currently 5 flavors!) French press, electronic kettle and the pour poor Keurig I have not used I think since winter and my obsession with gingerbread coffee mmmmm

Last night while at Fresh Market I picked up 2 new coffees to try. caramel Macchiato and…………………………… Pumpkin Spice! yes! I swore I was not ready for fall, I think I was lying to myself.  Caramel Macchiatto won the vote this Tuesday 🙂

While deciding on which coffee to have this morning  and reading blogs and twittering I totally lost track of time. I still needed to decide on breakfast! I decided to make a quick batch of oats. Oats cooked with water/milk then topped with chocolate pb and Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Biscotti mmm it was tasty! I picked up this little sample bag a few weeks ago at Target… I might have to see what other flavors they have!

Lunch today is getting included all in one post since it is now Wednesday morning and I still have today to blog! Lost time someplace yesterday….

Good lunch today. A salad of mixed baby romaine and spinach topped with cherry tomatoes and cucumber fresh out of my dad’s garden (he has picked over 150 already this year in his modest garden). Then I added a couple spoonfuls of hummus and then my new favorite homemade dressing:

  • juice of half a lemon
  • 1-2tbsp olive oil
  • drizzle of Agave
  • chopped garlic (to taste)

Then Voskos Greek Yogurt on the side again, this time Vanilla Bean which I topped with some pomegranate cherry granola. BY far the best yogurt I’ve had in a long time. And a Vitamin Water Zero to wash everything down. I needed something sweet and different.

After lunch I was lost again in time. I’ve been in my own little world the past 2 days so I just may have to kick it in high gear the rest of the week!


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