This week sucked the life out of me. I feel like I accomplished nothing at all. Nothing at work, and a bunch of nothing at home. Not such a good thing.  My boss was on vacation this week and I don’t think bleh will be a good answer to my unproductive week. I seriously had no motivation and pms really did suck the life out of me this month. It probably doesn’t help that I know I have a 3 day work week next week and then we head to the Dominican Republic on Friday! That vacation is also why I have not done much food shopping/cooking this week…. plus well the kitchen is was a mess, I couldn’t stand it. At least today’s food choices were better than they have been.

From my first post today you can see pumpkin was on the mind! Then on the way to work I stopped for one of these:

A nice venti iced coffee with a splash of skim milk.  I was motivated… so I thought. It’s Friday and a nice long weekend a head so I figured a little extra caffeine would kick me into high gear for the day. Obviously I was wrong.  And can you tell me why I nursed this coffee ALL day. Yes, at 5pm I still had a bit left which I tossed on the way out the door!  

I used lunch as an excuse to go to……………………………….. you guessed it!  I decided to try their brown rice sushi which was pretty good.

I found this Inko’s Blueberry White tea to try. Light and refreshing!

Good, quick lunch. Then with my (unmotivated) random day, in between appointments (and losing a spreadsheet I somehow forgot to save!) I found some time to have a snack.

Did I mention how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Voskos Organic Vanilla Bean yogurt? It’s a little thin for Greek yogurt but the taste is great. Today I sliced a huge, perfectly ripend peach to mix in. Awesome.

After work, hubby and I ran to Target to pick up a few essentials for our vacation. He works everyday until we leave (he’s in retail) so tonight was a good night to go out. Since it was late, we picked up a bucket of ziti and meatballs to have for dinner. Sorry no pic, I was hungry and inhaled half of it……. bleh!

The hubby and 2 fur-children are all half asleep on the couch so now it’s relax time. Blog time. Twitter time. Facebook time. Me time. Oh and finally to complete the theme of the day, Pumpkin Ale time!

Not bad, thumbs up!


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