Pumpkin obsession

Hi, my name is Nicole and I am a pumpkin addict.

It seems that each year when Fall arrives….. err well when pumpkin spiced anything arrives in the end of summer, I go pumpkin crazy!  I have used pumpkin a few times over the Summer for some yummo overnight oats but that’s it. As of September 1st I have already had a pumpkin spiced latte (non fat of course) from Starbucks. Yesterday I had a pumpkin spiced frap while shopping at Target on lunch. My co-worker wasn’ t so sure she’d like it so the good friend I am, ordered my own for her to try 🙂

This mornings breakfast (back to normal finally) is all pumpkin related! It started with a nice cup of pumpkin spiced coffee from Fresh Market. Yumm perfect. Well that must have just kicked me into pumpkin mode while thinking of what I should make for breakfast. The winner…….. oats with pumpkin seed butter and pumpkin granola! yum!

It could use something else to kick it up a bit, but not bad. Any suggestions?

  • 1 serving of oats
  • 1 spoonful PSB stirred in
  • PSB drizzled over top
  • Pumpkin granola

Like the new placements and bowl/mug? I have a slight obsession with fun mugs and bowls and been eyeing these for sometime at the Christmas Tree Shops. I finally decided to treat myself to these along with the green placements for $1. Reallly? Why not!  

What do you think??? I think I did good 🙂


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