ahhh Saturday

What a perfect Saturday it is here in New York. The heat wave has broken and it’s about mid 70’s. The window’s are wide open and I’m going to do some Spring Fall cleaning *gasp*. I can’t believe Summer is just about over with already but I do have to say I love the Fall. I may be tempted to pick up some Fall candles when I go out this afternoon. hrmmmm spicy!

Speaking of Fall and spicy, my breakfast was kind of the same way. I wanted oats, but wanted to jazz them up a new way. I finally decided on Cinnamon vanilla oats!

  • 1 serving oats (made half with water, half milk)
  • splash of vanilla extract while cooking
  • lots of cinnamon (I heart cinnamon)
  • crumbled Kashi Cinnamon Harvest
  • Cinnamon Vanilla Sunflower butter

= yummo! I like to have a little granola (for a little crunch) on top of my oats. I didn’t have any granola I thought would mesh well but I found an old (almost stale) box of Kashi. Perfect.

Now time I think for a little cleaning, laundry and lunch. Then out to run a few errands. Be back later!


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