Buy Local!

I finally went to the store today to stock up some HEALTHY food options for the week. I had some supplements which I needed to return to one of our locally owned health stores, The Green Grocer, so I decided to start there. Plus there  were a few items there which I’ve been wanting to try. While browsing I found this muesli, Mu Mu Muesli, how cute!

And look at that, it’s made locally! It contains:

  • flax seeds
  • cranberries
  • almonds
  • dates
  • coconut

What’s not to love?

 The workers there are all so polite. The one girl I chatted with a few times rang me out. We were just chatting about health in general- oh! what sparked this is I picked up two single service packages of Vega mix in my favorite Vanilla Chai and decided to try the Chocolate also. I still can’t justify the $ for the larger container of mix. Maybe if I start using it more I’ll invest.

She then asked if she could give me some free samples of magnesium? FREE? sure why not! And she came back with these:

That’s right, she gave me all these, a variety of flavors free! These are powder mixes that you mix with water, preferably warm and at night before bed. It’s a relaxing magnesium supplement, an anti-stress drink and supposed to balance your calcium intake and restore healthy magnesium levels. Mmmm I’ll have to do my research but I bet they won’t hurt to try 🙂

Next I stopped at this little local country store up the road. I always go there in the Fall for my favorite apples ever. Honeycrisps! They always have them early and they are scrumptious! But today I was on a mission for peanut butter. I have such an obsession with nut butters and found that they sell the one I was looking for. Again, it’s made locally! I saw it at the farmers market a few weeks ago but decided to wait to try it. I guess today was the day!

This peanut butter I knew was made locally by Saratoga Peanut Butter Company. They have a few flavors but this one came highly recommended, Adirondack Jack. Ingredients:

  • 50/50 blend of peanuts and almonds
  • cranberries
  • sunflower seeds
  • honey
  • flax seeds
  • cinnamon

You can find it here:

Finally, I was on to the regular grocery store for a few basics. There, they carry bread from a local bakery and I have not had it in a few weeks. I decided sandwiches would be good for lunch this week. Of the varieties they have, this I think is the only one I’ve tried and its super natural and super good!

This is from Rock Hill Bakehouse- /Yum! They actually have a cafe near my friend up north and their sandwiches are holy moly awesome! This bread is 8 grain, 3 seed. I won’t go into the ingredients but made of all good things!

Dinner was also local- I picked up falafel wrap at the Green Grocer also made locally. It was huge and good!

As you can see I had a buy local day. Now I really wish I got up and went to the farmers market but I think I made out pretty well. Now time to end the day with beer #2 from create your own custom 6 pack from Fresh Market. Tonight I think we will try Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen- in a Magic Hat glass 🙂

It’s almost too light for my taste, but it’s tasty and goes down easy. I think this is a thumbs up for the hubs for sure.



One response to “Buy Local!

  1. Hi Nicole
    Just a quick note of Thanks for not only picking up some Mu Mu at the Green Grocer but for also giving us a mention, a hyper link and a picture! How fun. I hope you hang in there with Mu Mu because it is really awesome and great for you to boot.
    Thanks again, Mike and Lisa from Mu Mu Muesli

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