Experiment #1

Polenta pizza! I found this recipe from Emily @ http://www.thefrontburnerblog.com. When she posted this I was so intrigued by the polenta crust. Then her toppings of sun-dried tomatoes and arugula sounded like an awesome combo. So that is what I chose to use for my first polenta pizza tonight.

First, making my own polenta from corn meal sounded easy enough. Dang this stuff was sticky! But as it cooled it was  easier to work with. Plus, I think I might have needed to cook it just a bit longer.

It totally reminded me of instant mashed potatoes. We used to have a relationship in high school… and nacho’s were involved, right Bek? 🙂

Next I put the mixture in the pan and eventually got a base for a crust. It even looks more like potatoes now!

I used this fun new kitchen tool to brush some olive oil across the top. It worked perfect!

As I mentioned, I used the original ingredients for this first pizza, arugula & sun-dried tomatoes. Then I topped it off with organic italian blend cheese mixture.

Before it went in the oven……you will learn I REALLY like cheese 🙂

Finally, the finished product!

Ok, so not so bad for the first pizza. The crust was not crispy enough. I think next time I would a) cook the original corn meal a bit longer and b) bake it a bit before adding the toppings for that extra crisp. Overall the flavors worked so well together though I think using some guerye cheese as Emily did would make it even more tasty! I have a few ideas for my next pizza, stay tuned!


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