It’s Fall

… I’m convinced. It is so cool outside today and I’m cuddled up in blanket on the couch. I love it! Though I will be back in “Summer” on Friday when we are in the Dominican Republic 🙂

I started out the morning with a cup 2 cups of pumpkin spice coffee (which I’m thinking of making more soon!) and burning a new Fall candle.  The candle isn’t too spicy but it’s warm; cashmere woods by Glade, very nice.

After doing a little cleaning , putting laundry in and catching up on blogs, I decided it was finally time for breakfast around 11am!! I had been up since about 7-7:30am ish and just wants too hungry yet. Finally I decided I wanted to try the Mu Mu Muesli I picked up yesterday. I used one of the suggested cooking methods and made it as oatmeal today (but will use little less water next time). Next, I topped it with a blob of the Adirondack Jack peanut butter and FINALLY I picked up  a small jar of coconut butter. The combo was great! I can see why Kath@ uses it often!

Meanwhile Brad and I catch the fur-children together in the window taking in the fresh air..

Oppps they must have heard us giggling and turned around at the same time to give us this nice shot 🙂

I decided along with laundry today I am going to attempt my first batch of homemade granola bars. We’ll see how they come out. I may experiment with a few recipes into one. Then for dinner I’m going to try a polenta pizza Emily posted a few weeks back, it looks yummo!

Speaking of pizza, that was lunch too! I was feeling lazy (again) so I picked up a Kashi Roasted vegetable pizza. I love love love this pizza. I highly recommend it 😀

Stay tuned for polenta pizza and homemade granola updates!


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