Woa, what happened to Monday??? Apparently I missed it somehow. Actually, I was doing loads of laundry and cleaning in prep for vacation. We leave on Thursday night! yay! Then I was doing some work I should have finished on Friday AT work but lost a spreadsheet… got real mad…. and decided to bring it home. By the time I completed my work, it was time to shower and head to Target to meet my bff. We always have to fit in seeing each other some how. Granted, she is the busier one with 2 active children and always on the run. Our solution, Target therapy. And our Target…… has a Starbucks. PERFECT.

As usual I was on a pumpkin kick. All I have pictures of is breakfast. BAD food blogger šŸ˜¦ such a slacker! I took VoskosĀ vanilla bean yogurt and mixed in a scoop of pumpkin then topped it with some pumpkin granola! yummmm. Oh and if you notice the first bag of coffee and the coffee in the french press, yes pumpkin spice!

And a close up of the yogurt mixture

If you notice the quality if my pictures vary it’s becauseĀ of my camera choices. In the beginning I was using my iPhone. Then I finally chargedĀ my cheap digital camera and some pics come out better than others. Some day I’ll invest in a good camera. For now, this will do.

Anywhoo, still trying to get packed and odds and ends put away around here before Thursday. My in-laws are cat-sitting so the house needs to be extra clean for an extra neat mother in law šŸ™‚ And it is always nice to come back to a clean house!

……..that’s it for tonight kids. Off to find my bedĀ motivation at 9:15pm to get a few more things done. G’nite.


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