I’m not missing!

I am here I am here!!!! If you caught my quick Tweet, we have been away in the Dominican Republic for the past week! holy awesome of a relaxing vacation!

Our adventures started last Thursday September 9th. After getting out of work a tad late (finishing up a report like a good girl) I rushed home to have Brad ready to go. He luckily (and smart) enough had the day off so he was packed and ready to go. I still had to change, pack a few last-minute items AND we had to drop Abby off to the dog-sitter. From there we were to head to our friends, Jake and Lou’s to meet up and leave to drive to Philly where we were catching our flight early Friday morning.

Finally about 7:30pm ish or so we were on the road. Luckily Lou’s cute Honda Fit has a ton of room so we were able to get 2 suitcases, 2 carry ons and a duffel bag in her trunk! Sweet. Now for a 4 1/2 hour or so drive to the Philly airport. We took our time, stopped when needed and arrived in plenty of time. We were thinking if we got to the airport too early we would just nap on a chair/carpet until we could check in etc. WRONG! When we got to our terminal, not a soul was in the building but two workers and oh well it was 1:30am!  Oh and chairs.. there were 4 metal with a cushioned seat chairs randomly off to the side, that was it! Our measly Albany “International” Airport has better seating! Needless to say we were not very hungry, very tired and very uncomfortable. But we found out we could check in by 4am and our flight was at 7am. We were able to find some comfy seating after checking in to rest on plus found some real good coffee 🙂

*Side note* you may be curious to where all the pics are uh? I don’t know. The hubby downloaded some pictures off the camera earlier today when I was napping and now I can’t find them. I think they are on a memory stick… someplace. Anywhoo, pics to come soon!

Our flight was good and pretty fast. Up in the air in Philly, back down in Baltimore. Yes BWI, a 2o minute flight to pick up others and then a 3 1/2 hour flight to the DR! I can’t believe we never thought of coming here for vacation before. It was gorgeous. Our resort was 1 of 3 we could use the different amenities and was so nice. Only downside was the check in process, little VERY slow and annoying. We got into our room about 2:30pm,  Jake and Lou’s was not available (next door to us) until almost 4:30pm! But we kept reminding ourselves what we paid. Remind you it was hurricane season. Actually there was 3 in the area and we missed them all. Though we felt a couple of side effects, one day of rain off and on, then loud crashing waves moving up half the beach the last 2 days.  For all we got; airfare, hotel for 6 nights, all food and drinks and alcohol included total price per person= $599 (plus taxes and gas and parking in Philly, etc). Seriously. No joke. We are ready to go again!

The weather was sooo hot. I don’t do so well it 90 degree weather with 99% humidity. It flares up my shakes which is not so cool. At least we got the air in our room going good and that was the only place it was cool. Most other places were wide open and had fans only. It did not feel so great to eat a nice dinner with sweat dripping down your back and building up in your ta-tas! But I wasn’t going to complain too much. We were there for sun and fun! The beaches were beautiful, bright blue water. Then we had our choices of pools with swim up bars. Score!

In all, we spent the week relaxing. Sleeping, breakfast, pool/beach, lunch, nap, dinner, then drinks/games in our favorite little bar we found. Oh and one day at the Spa! We didn’t find this little joy until the end, and it was free! There was a lazy river, a variety of jets and water falls, sauna, hot tubs and this cool/hot pool you walked through. (not sure of the significance, have to Google it) but it felt great to walk in ice-cold water, into hot water and then over again. Awesome. ALL FREE! Can’t complain about that!  Now are happy to be home, in our own beds and back with our fur-children 🙂


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