Back to reality

…….well tomorrow anyways. Tis the end of another vacation. I always feel as though I need a vacation from my vacation but not this time really. We normally are home late the night before we need to go back to work. This time, we had a normal weekend to putz around and that’s exactly what we did.

*side note* still need to find vacation pics.  They are still on my camera, but it won’t let me upload them to this computer since hubby already did but then put them on a memory stick which I need to find ASAP!

Today was really productive lazy (who am I kidding) Sunday. We ran a few errands in the am. I was up real early around 4am with a tummy ache. My stomach still is not right from vacation food and I really did not over indulge… really! That started the day off not so fun. Brad was up early also so we went down to the mall where he works to check in on a few things and pick up a bonus check. While he was doing that I was shopping and spending that bonus  check. Cha-ching! oh and he works at Dick’s Sporting Goods which is awesome for discounts! Today though I attacked sales racks that were 50% off the lowest price and made out with some killer deals. Like these white cropped sweats and t-shirt made by Under Armour. If you know the brand you know its great quality and $$$$. Well these gems cost about $25 together! Score!

I also picked up a pair of the softest, nicest shade of blue yoga pants, but I’m already wearing them 🙂

After coming home and napping I FINALLY cleaned out the fridge and went grocery shopping. My tummy will thank me soon! Walking into the store I got hit with Fall fever! Pumpkins and gourds everywhere! I picked up these cuties to start a center piece for the table.

Then it was time to attack the produce! I really wish (again) I went to one of the many Farmers Markets on Saturday, taking advantage of them while I can. At least the store today was full of fresh, good produce. I swear at least half of my bill was fruit and veggies, see for yourself!

Bananas,pears,apples,kiwi,brussel sprouts and avocado’s galore! Not to mention the other items I have in the fridge like spinach, peppers, tomatoes and cucumber. Yummm.

Dinner tonight was just a quick pot of pasta. Something I don’t have often but it hit the spot. I think Jack was in the mood for pasta too, what do you think?

Pasta to me is a comfort food, best to eat in the Fall and Winter. Today was such a nice Fall-ish day and I think that’s why it worked. Plus it was easy and again we were lazy! Next on my list to make this week is Chicken Chick Pea Chili mmmmmm photos and recipe to come soon!

Now it’s time to make lunch for tomorrow and head to bed in attempt to face a Monday after vacation. Starbucks Monday anyone?

I think Abby agrees it’s bedtime. G’nite!


One response to “Back to reality

  1. It’s funny, at my CSA share this week we were given winter squash and small pumpkins exactly like the ones in your center piece. Everyone asked me if they were edible, and they definitely are! If you get tired of them as decoration or decide to buy news you should roast one up, they’re so yummy!!

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