Talk about fresh sprouts!

Today I stopped by my dad’s to pick up my brussels sprouts he has been promising. See, my dad has a green thumb. It probably came from the years he worked in the greenhouses my grandparents had while he was growing up.  He can grow anything from nothing. He doesn’t have a big house, nor does he own a lot of land but he has the most succesful garden I know! It’s October and he still has a ton of green peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and even strawberries still growing! By the way if you don’t know we live in Upstate, NY and it’s starting to get cold!

They might not have been the biggest brussels sprouts but they were home-grown with love!

Yes, the stalk was so big my dad had to get a hand saw to cut it down!

Tomorrow will be my first of many sprout recipes. Unfortunately I will be eating these sprouts separately. This is the different between the store-bought…… and the homegrown with love.

Maybe I’ll have to find a special recipe for these little guys since they can’t compete with the big guys. Hrmm wheels are a turning now….. stay tuned 🙂

*note these pictures are not of the best quality as they were taken with my cell phone today, sorry!*


One response to “Talk about fresh sprouts!

  1. i am excited about some sprouty recipes!!

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