I love shopping….for food!

Ok who am I kidding I love shopping in general. Though since eating healthier and trying new recipes I always want to food shop, especially the past 2 weeks. I think it’s getting that time of year that makes you want to cook and bake all the time! Plus I have so many different recipes I can’t wait to try!

This past Saturday I ventured to the Honest Weight Food Co-Op in Albany. It’s kind of out of the way for me so I don’t go often but I had an itch to go. I got up early Saturday and was there by 8am. It is located in an alley pretty much and has limited parking. Thankfully they open early so I missed the normal Saturday rush.

I was on a mission , mainly for bulk foods. They have a great choice of bulk grains, beans, different flours and other baking items, granola, honey, etc. etc. Then of course I found a couple of other random items I just HAD to get Smile


This what what I came home with. Can you tell bulk bin shopping was my main focus?


I picked up lots of grains and beans. Millet, quinoa, rice, wheatberries, red lentils and chick peas.

I found a new fruit I have never seen or heard of before and they are grown in PA! They are Kiwi Berries. I had to try them. They are like miniature kiwis, minus fury outside!



I picked up some local goat cheese from VT. I’ve heard goat cheese and mango = awesome combo.



Then for a dessert for the week day, these Vegan cookies. I have learned I shouldn’t keep these handy! I originally had them in a single serving size from Starbucks, then found this larger pack (thankfully not too large) while shopping. These are awesome, try them if you find them!



From the co-op I headed to my favorite new store, The Fresh Market to pick up a few more items. I could shop there daily it was $$$. But some things are worth going for…. or so I can justify In love

Now if we just had a Whole Foods near by and especially a Trader Joe’s (my all time fav), I think myself and many other local bloggers would be in foodie heaven! 


2 responses to “I love shopping….for food!

  1. Yes, I agree!! Wish there was a TJ’s here!

  2. I love my TJs and WF but I want to try out Fresh Market this weekend. Perhaps we should have a girls shopping trip 🙂

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