Sprouts are the new black

…well according to my awesome book on Brussels Sprouts “The Sprout book- a Celebration of the humble Brussels Sprout” by Tess Read. Yes, it has arrived!!



Oh you get bet your sprout (hardee har har) I’m going to have some good posts from this book. The author is from the UK so it’s got that good British humor. Ab Fab anyone?

I’ve just skimmed through half of the book and have been busting out laughing with some of the recipes (I just might have to attempt), to some ideas of what you can do with Brussels sprouts, to some of the odd fun facts!

did you know?

You get four times the amount of Vitamin C from a full cup of sprouts than you get from a whole orange?  I sure didn’t!


Brussels sprouts are apparently a big Christmas food in the UK.  Mainly because they are a winter vegetable that will grow in cold weather.  For tonight, I will leave you with this.

Q: What is the nations’ favorite wine at Christmas?

A: “Do I HAVE to heat all my Brussels sprouts?”


G’nite! Nyah-Nyah


One response to “Sprouts are the new black

  1. I love British humour. Comes from growing up in Europe. I can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

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