Apple Fest or Wine Fest?

I mentioned this morning, we (the hubby and I ) were off to spend the day together. Today was the Apple Festival at a local orchard, Goolds Orchards. I still have plenty of apples form when I met up some local bloggers for apple picking  few weeks ago so we definitely did not need anymore.  Did I mention that Goolds now has  winery, Brookview Station! There was a handful of other NY wineries there also. That was our main only point of interest today…..



There were a handful of local wineries. We tried some at each and soo many I liked! Though they are local so if I did want them bad enough I could track em down!

This was the Brookview Station table. Here we picked up Sunset Charlie. A new wine from them and to us, it was great. We got 2 bottles Be right back

002    015

Next we stopped at Tousey Winery. We never heard of them until today.  When we arrived at the table a British gentleman was running the table. I was in love as soon as he spoke.  Hubby offered for me to take a pic with him… but I passed. Instead I got a picture of the sign and then we splurged on a  bottle of nice Riesling. 

004   014

Our last stop for our wine purchases was from Cascade Mountain Vineyard. A few years ago we purchased 2 small bottles of their dessert wine (Heavenly Daze) which is awesome. We still have one we’ve been saving. It’s the perfect mix of warmth- cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla stand out the most.  Today we found that they now make it in regular size bottle since it’s so popular. After one taste as a reminder of how much I love it, we got another bottle. The lady also told us about poaching peaches or pears in it mmmm or her friend made a glaze for pork. You can get I’m going to try one if not both of these! Then we picked up their newest wine, Summertide. Sweet, light and crisp.

016   017

Here I am enjoying my last taste of the Tousey Riesling mmmm


And what Apple Festival would be complete without apple cider donuts!


Nom nom nom, I think apple cider donuts may be the best thing about the Fall. Yum!

We are now stocked on wine for the holidays. I’d have to say today was more of a Wine Fest for us rather than Apple!  I can’t wait to dig in to the new purchases. Especially to cook with the dessert wine. Yummmmm!


3 responses to “Apple Fest or Wine Fest?

  1. yummmmmmmmmmm – i may or may not have had 4 apple cider donuts on friday. oops.

  2. Oh you didn’t hear? This weekend there are no calories or fat or sugar in Cider Donuts, eat up 😛 hahah wishful thinking!

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